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This is a work in progress of an all years School Register of Attendance. I make no suggestion that it is completely accurate. To date 699 pupils (3 April 2022)

I have attempted to make it as accurate as possible. The data has been drawn from many sources. Namely Reunion Attendance Lists, Old Boys Association, School Magazines, School Photos, Cast Lists of School Plays (1959-65), Friends Reunited List, my 1957 Autograph Book, Newspaper cuttings, Sports Day Programmes and some first hand from Old Boys and Teachers.

Whenever I had only partial information from separate sources I have entered additional entries. A date by itself or even a group of dates only indicates attendance in the years for which I have researched data.

Black bold indicates the confirmed start date and red bold confirmed last year of attendance. A (d.) against someone's surname means to my knowledge they have died.

Please feel free to e-mail me of any discrepancies that you may identify and provide any additional information you have. Such as people not on the list, duplicates where you are sure they are such, for example if you are one of the named duplicated entries and are sure that I can amalgamate an entry or remove it.

Please note: if you object to having your name on the list I will of course remove it - however there would then be little point in having a Register which had known gaps in it - I would have to consider removing the whole thing from the site - even though I have spent many hours compiling it.

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