Personal Collection - Richard Benson 1952 - 1957

R Benson
Award for The plunge 1954
aged 12 years 9 months

Hockey team.
David Mossman(?).
Me front row right

Hockey Team
John Revers
by pool

John Revers by pool Repairs to the tractor engine
This was done in the tractor shed,
most of the repairs done in house

Tractor engine repair

Atco Mower mower2 Atco ride on mower with me
in the driving in the driving seat,
mower3 - Richard and Atco

David Brown tractor
with the gang mower.
Tractor_1 300x218 - (32437 bytes) With John Revers on tractor
with gang mower
tractor 301x220 - (35781 bytes)

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