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    King's School Photo Directory

    Last updated 26 January 2023

      This collection of pictures is of King's School, its grounds, buildings, boys, teachers, staff, events and over 20 of it's Old Boys' Reunions since 1998. There are also pictures of King's School's predecessor Kingsholme, Weston-Super-Mare.

      The site is easy to move around. With links forward and backwards from sections at both the top and bottom of pages wherever appropriate and a return to this listing at the bottom of every page.

      The site is constantly growing. But it is only with your help that this site can be a useful resource. May I take this opportunity in asking you to be prepared to part with your treasures while I scan them. Alternatively if you have the facilities you may be able to e-mail copies of pictures to me - I will give recognition on the Update page for all contributions (unless the subject matter requires that you remain anonymous) - I will respect your wishes. You can also help by sending me information on any of the pictures here or simply to offer feedback.

      If you hover your mouse over a thumbnail picture you will see a box with information, where I have it, about the chosen picture; else the file name, the image size of the linked full size picture.

      These pictures currently constitute the KS Archive. They number is over1700 (May 2012) photos and scans over 300 pages, this includes full size pictures, pages of photos and information pages. Plus all magazines now in PDF format so they are fully searchable within the site's search box or if downloaded.

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      If you are an old boy or ex teacher/staff of King's School and wish to be added to my Update List (currently about 100 members), please click on 'Contact me' aside and follow the instructions or scan the 2D icon with a Smart phone, for my cotact details.

    Please note: Member email addresses do not appear on the site, they are sent personally to members in January and July.