Personal Collection - Malcolm Stacey 1962 - 1967
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Malcolm Stacey with John & Robin Asseal Me with twins John & Robin Assael
on my first term at Kings 1962

Swimming at Kings 1 Swimming at Kings 2 Swimming at Kings 3
Swimming practice for the last Open Day, I think

Open weekend awards Cups & awards kings open week end tennis-s During a Doubles match played at the Open/Exhibition
Weekend in 1966: Robert Curtis & Enrique Roldan
(from Nassau in the Bahamas.)
Mano Ignatiadis(?) was one of their opponents.

Philip Spiegal, Laurie Markes,
Richard Jones III and Robyn Johnson
in suit in front of doorway
The one on the end in a jumper is Swann
kings open week end pool 1-s Jack Lee (master)
on microphone
kings open week end pool 2-s
Swimming at Open Weekend

Kings pool Life Saving demo 1-s Kings pool Life Saving demo 2-s Kings pool Life Saving demo 3-s
Life Saving demonstration:
Captain of swimming Philip Spiegal (from South Africa)
administering to Laurie Markes

Kings Swimming awards - J H Mosey 1-s Kings Swimming Awards - J H Mosey 2-s
Swimming awards: JHM presenting - Philip Webb in background

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