Personal Collection - Laurie Markes (1962-66)

Laurie Markes and Team 1966
Laurie Markes' 5 aside football team 1966 (on the bank by the swimming pool)
Left to right: Charlie Spragg, Charlie Foster Rick Roldan, Robin Johnson, Robert Curtis, and Laurie Markes

Laurie Markes & Mr Lee 1965
The teacher is Jack Lee who was an American that came to Kings at the end of 1965 to teach French and Biology.
As I understand from Malcolm Stacey he was there to the very end and was largely responsible for placing
some of the boys in a new school when things finally turned to custard in 1967.

1965-1 1965-2
The group on the diving board by the swimming pool are from top right clockwise: myself, Mike Watkins,
Enrico Roldan, Richard Rudland and M.R. Amir Soleymani.

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