Old Boys - Reunion Photos & Reports Pre-1998

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1961 (PDF) The Inaugural dinner Of The Old Boys association 19th November, 1961 - at King's School. Scroll down to page 4; also page10 for Old Boys in the Association at that time (about 60 - the start of my Attendance register.)

1963 - Sunday 20th October. Proposed the previous year, but no write up found.

1968 - Unofficial Reunion (courtesy of Angus McLellan)

1985/87 The following names were collected from those attending the Carlton (c.1985) and the Queens (c.1987) in Cheltenham in the 1980s.

LP Allen
Dennis Archard
David Burrough
Richard Beach
Richard Bowen
Peter Brown
GD Baker
John Bunting
Ken Baker (Master)
Floyd Baker
James Beach
John C Bennett
BJ Bartlett
Francis Blakeway
Phil Blakeway
Martin Crossthwate
George Cooper
Charles Collett
JR Dennis (staff) 57/59
Christopher Edwards
Martin Fewings
Roger Fowler
Robert Gay
AE Gibbs
Anthony Hanks
R Harding
Alwyn Hawkes
Brian Ingram
Martin Jones
Roy Limbrick
Bill Limbrick
John Earle Marsh
David J MOssman
Mrs Kate Mosey (Principal) d.
James H Mosey (Head Master) d.
James Parkinson
David R Powell
Trevor Power
Clive Perkins
Jim Runham
Chris Rosser
John Reader
Adrian Sainsbury
Brian Simms (Master) d.
John Stanley
Mr E Tyler (Master)
NS Townsend
Dave Viner
David Wilcox
Christopher V Whittal
A John Wilcox d.
Richard Watson d.
Graham Warner

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