Kingsholme School, Weston-Super-Mare

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School Photograph
loaned by John Sweet
He is the first on the left in the middle row with his hair parted in the middle.
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Summer 1945 Summer 1945, names (?) (?) (?)
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Additional information on 1938 photograph: The photograph was given to John Sweet in 2006, on his eightieth birthday, by a life long friend, Clive Gribble. He is also on the photo somewhere on the back row. Note how the the crest and legend have been printed back to front in the photograph! I read the motto as "Labore et Virtute" (By valour and exertion.) In 1932 the owners and joint headmasters were a Mr Bateman and Mr Bucknell. In 1938 they sold it to Mr. Miller who in 1940 sold it to JHM.

Arthur Ronald Greenland age 16, is in the right panel, front row wearing tartan socks.

Additional information on names of Staff on the group picture circa 1945/46 - thanks to Tony Walsh.
Mr. Cox Jnr. took Music, his father Geography. To the right of Mrs. Mosey sat the Matron, the Nurse, possibly a Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Keay, Miss. Raynard and a French lady.

This picture was sent to me by the son of the late Alan George Peters who was at Kingsholme. Picture taken in 1928.
Charles Payne c. 1918 Kingsholme c. 1920 Kingsholme poster1 Kingsholme archive
These four photos were sent by the granddaughter of Charles Payne who attended Kingsholme around 1920.

From Somerset Archive the Heads of the schools and dates:
1887 Miss Armstrong - Ladies School, Kingsholm, Eastfield Park, Bristol Road
1903 J. C. Thomas - Boys School, Kingsholme, Eastfild Park, Bristol Road
1909 Bateman and Bucknell - as 1903
1915 Bateman and Bucknell - Boys School, Kingsholme, 17 Arundell Road, Weston-Super-Mare

After which it was sold by Mr. Bateman to Mr. Mosey in 1946.

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