Kingsholme 1945/46 school photo - reverse

[This text constitutes the information on the reverse of the 1945/46 Kingsholme photograph and is presented 'as is' apart from formatting and written by Awyn Hawkes as he remembers things. Youy will note that many names are missing - please, anyone who has an interest can you add to those already shown?]

"This photo was taken on the play-ground to the rear of the school buildings which would have been behind and to the right of the photographer. Arundel Road (steep hill) would have been behind the trees on the right of the photo. I can’t recall the name of the road behind the high wall on the left of the photo.

Some identifications: all numbered from left, unless otherwise stated

. “Staff” row – includes some pupils
1. Fry* (perhaps)
6. George Aldridge (from Evesham)
7. Porter.
8. Mr A. W. (Tony) Walsh – almost a Trainee Teacher
10. Mr Cox junior
11. Mr Cox senior (father of previous teacher)
12 & 13. The Mosey’s
14. Matron, Miss Williams
20. Peter Pfaff, Head Boy
21. Forcey (later Head Boy)

Mr Cox junior and the Matron came for a shortish time to Sherborne, where Peter Pfaff was later to join the staff… he later went into the Fleet Arm, having married Nurse Langston, but was killed during flying training.)

Back row:
3. Mr Walsh’s sister aged c. 14
4. Rosemary Harding (later Head Girl and much later the second Mrs Mosey.)
17. Forcey’s sister
further right Peter Major* (from Evesham)

Next row from back:
10. Hallam* (Head Boy at Sherborne.)

Row behind staff:
4. Orell* (perhaps)
5. John Trimby* (probably)
Row seated behind front row:
14. Jill Collis (seated in front of nurse, not matron)
16. Michael Appleby*
19. Christopher Norman*

Front row:
7. Brian Wall
10. Roger Davis*

*Pupils who certainly came to Sherborne

The majority of the pupils were day-pupils including all the girls. There are 120 boys in the picture and only 13 girls."

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