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Monday 27th December 2004 (UD04/16)
1) John Mann (KS 1947-52?) gave me a few copies of photographs at the 2004 reunion here. Remembering that they are copies of copies - they are the best I could achieve. They were printed in sepia and gave me a few problems with interference patterns - if anyone has any ideas of how I can remove these I would be keen to know.

2) Nick Sweet loaned me an album and some newspaper cuttings, the latter I have added to Publications Page 2. Some are better copies of previous scans and others new to the site. There is a particularly interesting account of a KS Sports Day - the list of event winners alone is a wealth of information about the people who were at school that year. Unfortunately I don't know which year! So if anyone could identify it - I would be very pleased to hear from them.

3) Many thanks to Nick Sweet (KS 1956-60) for lending me his photographs - his Personal Collection can be found here. Make sure you check out those Winn girls.

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Sunday 26th December 2004 (UD04/15)
1) Many thanks to John Bunting (KS 1948-57) for lending me his photographs - his Personal Collection can be found here. As always 'hover' your mouse over the thumbnail for information, where available.

I still have photographs and artifacts which belong to Angus McLelland, John Knight and Nick Sweet - so watch this space.

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Monday 20th December 2004 (UD04/14)
1) Owing to other commitments I have been unable to scan the photos loaned to me by a number of you - however I hope to get some onto the site before the end of 2004!

2) In October I had an email from Colin Fry, bringing to my attention that Roger Trimby died on 27th May this year. He had been ill for a number of years - he was 66 and attended King's School 1948 to 1954.
Quote: "Roger had a great love of the countryside and after he left the school he continued in farming in Devon. At the school Roger was a keen swimmer and held the Plunge record for a number of years. He was always willing to help people and was always generous of his time and resources. He will be greatly missed."

3) Today I had an email from Chris Norman's daughter, informing me that her father died on 15th December 2004. Quote: "Regretfully Chris died at 4 am on Wednesday morning from cancer. There had been no sign, Chris was fit and well right up until he was admitted to hospital with shortness of breath. At no time was he in any pain or discomfort and he died painlessly, peacefully and with dignity while asleep."

If anyone would like details of funeral arrangements or contact details then please contact me by usual email and I will pass them on.

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Monday 25th August 2004 (UD04/13)
1) Once again with thanks to Al Hawkes I have added the Belfry Reunion 2004 Report.

Alongside it you will see a photo of a pair of cufflinks specially made I believe for Roger Fowler, if I am wrong - please let me know who you are. I do not wish to be disrespectful but have difficulty linking names to faces. (Sorry about the pun).

2) I have not added the Belfry Reunion 2004 photo - just hit the link to George's site and click on "Past Events." Via the link above.

3) Renamed Memorial Fund (temp) to KS Memorial. I decided to keep it as part of the archive, but changed the name slightly for newcomers to the site.

4) Re KS Update (UD04/12)below. To date Al Hawkes and I between us have had requests for only 16 KS Old Boys ties. The calculation of 16 each is based upon 50 ties in the minimum run. May I first thank those of you who have indicated that you would like to buy ties.

Whilst Al may be prepared to hold a few in stock, clearly he is not likely to be prepared to cover the amount of money involved if 34 remain. In this case he would have to increase the individual cost of the ties to those wishing to purchase - or drop the project altogether.

A typical school boy problem:
If a manufacturer can produce a minimum of 50 ties at 16 each; how much would it cost per tie if only 16 were bought?

Somehow I think the figures would speak for themselves - the project could be withdrawn, which to my mind would be a shame. So please give your support and ask any KS friends/ contacts you may have and encourage them to put their name forward for a tie.

Let's set a closing date on this - say end October. If we do not have the interest by then it is unlikely to come later. "What would you like for Christmas?" to KS Old Boy. "0oh! I'd love a KS Old Boys tie!" I don't think so, do you?

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Wednesday 11th August 2004 (UD04/12)
1) Many of you have been asking if we could possibly have the Old Boys' tie remade. So Al Hawkes has been making some enquiries and subject to at least 50 purchasers we can get them in real silk for just 16 each.

In order to get an idea of how many would be interested please email me - a link is provided at the bottom of the main Directory page, remembering the anti-spam request. Please remember to include your name as email addresses alone can be quite confusing and sometime practically anonymous.

Alternatively you can telephone me on 0870 787 5025. If I am out you can always leave a message - just leave your name and telephone number and say that you want a tie. Else I may think you are a potential client enquiring about counselling!

I will post here in due course to let you know whether we can go ahead or not.

2) A number of amendments to the Attendance Register, with thanks to Nigel Dodds who joined the KS Update Circular this week.

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Tuesday 3rd August 2004 (UD04/11)
1) Added an Addendum to the Altar Rail Report

2) Added a recently discovered picture of the side view of Kingsholme School. Find in the Kingsholme menu item or go here.

3) An Anecdote from yours truly - Tim Midgley reminded me of JHM's Current Affairs and how it made him quake. So I have added it.

4) Added a question/ answer to F.A.Q. Some people were surprised they did not have to browse the whole site to see what was changed - obviously they were not on my Circular.

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Sunday 25th July 2004 (UD04/10)
1) Yesterday I dumped the KS Site to CD v 2.07 - now available , see (UD04/07) below.

2) I have discovered a picture of a cricket team at Kingsholme and added it to the page

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Thursday 23rd July 2004 (UD04/09)
1) Have added a number of names to School Photos also changed the way unknown names are displayed (previously 'N/K'), now as a place number in a particular row to help with identification when I am given a 'new' name. So have changed the way 2 or more people of the same name are identified in the same year to Roman numerals. Have retained question marks (?) where there may be a doubt as to whether the person is named correctly or not.

2) A few more pictures added to the Altar Rail Dedication and Reunion Celebration at the village Reading Room in April.

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Sunday 18th July 2004 (UD04/08)
1) I will try to get the School magazines onto the site and have made a start with Autumn 1952. Let me know if I have got the resolution right or not. There is an additional page 1 at a higher resolution. I have added this new item into the index too.

2) Andrew Tillett has provided a snapshot of memories from his days at school, under Anecdotes.

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Sunday 11th July 2004 (UD04/07)
1) The Belfry Reunion 2004 is not far away now. Are there any of you who have old school friends who do not have access to the internet and who you think would like to purchase a copy of this site on a CD ROM? If so then could you please let me know by the end of the week (16th July) so I have an idea of how many to burn. It may be that you yourself may wish to have the current archive to browse off-line at will.
I will keep the cost at the 2002 price of 7.50 per copy if purchased at the Reunion. For people unable to attend the Reunion I can post in UK at the same price and a small addition for overseas.

2) Chris King kindly sent me a set of photographs from the Altar Rail Dedication and Reunion back in April. I have added those with old boys or buildings to the site - follow this link

3) William StAubyn has sent me a list of memories entitled: "The Smoker's List, Top Road 'Caff' and Assorted Memories." Though short points I am sure that some of you, perhaps contemporaries of William, will be able to fill in the details and others find some memory jogged by the references. For quickness just click here, but why not have a look through them all in case you missed any?

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Friday 28th May 2004 (UD04/06)
At the request of a number of members/ 'old boys' I have now added an In Memoriam page. It is simple and to the point. If you know of any Old Boys or Staff who have died and are sure of your facts, then please let me know so that I can add their details.

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Wednesday 19th May 2004 (UD04/05)
Sad news: Tony Shelley who left KS in the 50s died last Saturday, he was 65 - may he Rest in Peace.

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Monday 26th April 2004 (UD04/04)
1) I would like to welcome Roy Limbrick, Martin Fewings, Tim Midgley and Chris Isseyegh to the Update Circular.

2) Martin has given me a couple of amusing anecdotes from his time at school. You can find them under the Anecdote section on the Directory page.

3) Just a little feedback about the splendid day we had at a gathering of some of the contributors to the King's School Altar Rail Memorial. Perhaps someone will write a more detailed account in due course. I hope to post some pictures of the day too.

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Sunday 21st March 2004 (UD04/03)
Sadly it has been brought to my attention that Peter Gupwell passed away in 1996 (cancer), may he Rest in Peace.

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Wednesday 14th January 2004 (UD04/02)
I have introduced a F.A.Q. page Frequently Asked Questions - accessed as usual from the side bar - near the top in alphabetical order. As I get asked more questions I will add them to the list.

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Tuesday 13th January 2004 (UD04/01)
1) I am experimenting with some new software and have used this on a new personal page - with thanks to Colin Fry, for his pictures. Please let me know which format you prefer or any other suggestions you have.

2) You will now find last year's updates relegated to their own page, by clicking the link below. I would however like feedback on the final Update of the year (UD03/22) - the new front page with navigation bar on the left.

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