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20 June 2017 (UD17/04)
1) I have been contacted by the daughter of Abdul Omar who was at KS 1957- 59. He is planning to visit England in the Summer and wants to visit Sherborne. I have added his email address the the July list, but if anyone would like his email please let me know.

2) Bob Marshall tells me that his friend Ben Horner (KS 1947-53) sadly passed away on 18 June, he was 81.

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29 May 2017 (UD17/03)
1) I can confirm that the lunch time buffet on the day of the Reunion on 2 September, will once more be at the Inn for All Seasons on the A40 - thanks to Nick Sweet.

2) Thanks to several of you telling me about BBC 2 Springwatch at 8pm; broadcast from Sherborne area over the next few days. Nice to identify the brook etc but nothing so far of the House. Tomorrow a local disused air base. The photography is amazing - the area is teaming with wild life.

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20 March 2017 (UD17/02)
1) Rosemary Mosey now Bunch writes:
Maybe some old boys remember this incident. Peter Thomas told me some senior boys really wanted to go to the Motor Show in London, and would I ask Jim to let them go he consented if I would go with them! Peter, myself and some 12 (I think) boys made it there. I was 3 months pregnant with Tom, and after a while in the very packed hall began to feel sick. Peter arranged for the boys to form a rugby phalanx - I sailed out feeling like the Queen Mother!

2) KS 2017 Reunion:
Weekend Saturday 2nd September. Full details on Reunion page.

3) For those who did not see it, Andrew’s report from last year is in Past Events.

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02 January 2017 (UD17/01)
1) Both Martin (KS 61-64) and Simon (KS 61-63) Cousins have been in touch and join the OB list. Bringing current membership to nearly 90. Ask for email addresses.

2) I have added the names of Pat and John Crook to the Memoriam page, of 2 or 3 years ago, courtesy Barrington Lawes.

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