School Reports

"Will the owner of this School Report please own up - as his parent or guardian has not signed the form as having seen it!" Perhaps he did not do as well as he had hoped! If you look carefully at the bottom of the 1st report and the last, you will see that they have not been signed!
A shining example - but for others who would like a second try I have included a Blank Report to download and fill in your own! At the request of the boy in question I have erased his name.

Summer 1946 - SchoolReport-1-01 810x1023 - (122531 bytes) Spring 1948 - SchoolReport-1-02b 819x1017 - (120530 bytes) Summer 1952 - SchoolReport-1-03 397x512 - (122708 bytes)
Other reports:

Jim Knight
Manos Ignatiadis.
David Wright.

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