Personal Collection - Simon Swan (1963-65)

Thanks to Angus McLellan: Sports day. Left to right ?, ?, Simon Swann, John Drew (Christian Van der Werff is behind them). Then the 3rd person past Drew at the rear is William St Aubyn and then 5 on with glasses is Jack Clemo (French teacher) - in the centre of the picture - 3rd person wearing glasses. The Asian boy at the front is Patel and the boy in shorts and tracksuit top is Keith Gay. Finally the boy in shorts and white top is Y Takahashi.

John Drew adds that his father holding a cine camera is the second adult wearing glasses.

SimonSwan_Parents Weekend SimonSwan_Sports_Group Again thanks to Angus McLellan: The Swimming Team. From left front 1. Stephen Corke, 2?, 3. P Blakeway 4. Peter Hampson 5. Y Takahashi 6. David Connaught 7. David Fairbairn. At the back 4th from left John Drew and 5 Peter Speigal.