Personal Collection - Patrick Delaney I   1949-51 (Page 1)
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'Big Mario' Messa,
Piero Padulazzi,
Bob Gabaldoni,
Joe Rahbe.

In front: Roge Orrell.
3 April 1951

Piero Padulazzi
saying good-bye
as I cycled off to
Cheltenham Station
on our last day at Sherborne.
Sad, sad day.
I was unconscious of the horrors of
the materialistic world outside!

3 April 1951

Mario Messa,
Patrick Delaney,
Gian Piero Padulazzi,
Roger Orrell,

In front: Bob Gabaldoni,
Joe Rahbe.
3 April 1951

Left to right
Patrick Delaney,
Orrell (behind Mirashrafi.)

Race start

October 1950

Patrick Delaney PD finishing 2nd to
Martin Horner on my
last race at school,
April '51.
Who's the fan yelling me on?
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