Personal Collection - Djamshid ("JImmy") Younessi (1957-63)

I joined King's School in September 1957. This was my first holiday January 1958. It was King's policy to send foreign boys, in groups, to families for holidays. This place was some where in Devonshire. You can easily distinguish all boys from Kings, who were with me in this photo.

All these chaps were all 5th and 6th formers, and a few were prefects. They were all of Indian origin either from India or South Africa. If my memory does not fail me, one was called Patel and another Yacobs - the rest I can not remember. But I am sure most of them were on the school hockey team.

Incidentaly do you remember how passionate old Mosey was about hockey? I appear somehere more or less in the middle of the photo. King's paid each of us - per week - 25 shillings pocket money. That was a lot of money, when considering going to "Roxsea" movie theater for one shillings and six pence, and 2 different films were shown! The good old days!

At the bottom of picture - second from right - was the landlord's daughter who was called Susan. One night she kissed me good night on the cheeks, and I did not sleep all night.

Jimmy & Batman in Bournemouth 1962 Jimmy & Batman 1962 469x579 Jimmy, Batman  and Soli Kara 1962 639x489 Jimmy and Batman & Soli Kara (deceased) at 'Durdle Door' in Bournemouth 1962

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