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Sherborne - by church 215x302 - (55334 bytes) Not then indicating crucifiction by scientific establishment! Sherborne - Dormitory (Back left is Munzinger, one of the 2 at the back is Veverka, front left Chris Marx, right corner is Shoemaker from Holland) This was in our dormitory, unfortunately I don't remember all names; top left is Munzinger, one of the 2 in the background is Veverka, I'm at the left bottom, in the right corner is Shoemaker from Holland.

Sherborne Team Hockey The hockey team, Barry Lawes 2nd row in the middle. Sherborne Team 1 This might be the cricket team, Shoemaker in the center.
At least the year is documented: 1948

House hall-kl 437x318 - (19870 bytes) The entry hall, not to be used by the boys. Pool-kl 449x310 - (22873 bytes) About 1949/50, after the Olympia size pool was finished; in the background the Conservatory. After renovation the pool became the "Watergarden" & behind it an indoor pool was built.

House church-kl 432x318 - (19530 bytes) The church:
Here, when time allowed, JHM in the Morning Service used to tell his young King's Scholars about his forefathers' adventures as captains on the high seas, e.g. how his grandfather sewed on the arm of one his sailors, who had lost it when in a dreadful storm he had fallen from a yardarm. Mrs Mosey, at such times, played magnificent songs on the organ, the bellows of which some prefects were allowed to operate.
For more about the church of St Mary Magdalene.
House garden-kl 438x317 - (31291 bytes) The gardens, where the pool was built in a great part by the pupils.

House park-kl 449x305 - (19161 bytes) The park, some sports going on. House lake-kl 445x319 - (18566 bytes) The "Lakes" when there were stil swans & even the little hydroelectric power station (not in the picture) was operating.

These are supposed to be colour photos, the ANSCO films appeared on the market at that time.

45 minute candid view of life at school as Chris saw it.
Film footage taken at the time aged 14 to 17 or thereabouts - it is unedited but well worth a look. The numbers alongside some of the titles are the time in to the film in minutes and seconds. As Chris was behind the camera his is the one face you will not find. I would be grateful for any information about any of the segments and/or names of people featured there; I will add details to this page as I receive them, except Anecdotes will be placed elsewhere and linked through.

WARNING: The file is some 440MB and is 45 minutes long. If you wish I can give you a link to my Cloud storage, you should know my email address.

Here are a few snaps to whet your appetite:
Chris Marx film 1 586x422 Chris Marx film 2 581x418 Chris Marx film 3 598x422 Chris Marx film 4 579x421 Chris Marx film 5 579x420 Chris Marx film 6 590x423 Chris Marx film 7 579x420
The link ink to the film is permanently down I will give a link to anyone who requests.

The content includes:

  • roofing
  • swimming pool
  • football
  • hockey
  • getting up
  • washing
  • cleaning teeth 9:25
  • combing hair
  • cleaning shoes
  • Battle of Britain Day - Great Rissington air display (this is the place where some KS boys pinched bits off old WW2 decomissioned aircraft on a Sunday!)10:06
  • back via steam train
  • Stable Block - playing at soldiers 11:19
  • motor bike 11:50
  • cricket net 12:07
  • Vb horseplay 13:28
  • messing about in sail boats 13:30
  • cross country race 13:58
  • hockey photo
  • In colour:
  • visit to stately home 19:00
  • Back to school after holidays - Airport (Swiss Air)home, in a DC4 20:33
  • Disembarking Northolt London
  • London traffic
  • Paddington railway station to Bourton and finally King's School 23:10
  • messing about in row boat 24:30
  • chasing the swans
  • putting up sale (JHM & Kate) 28:40
  • B/W:
  • Exhibition weekend swimming pool. 30:50
  • JHM swimming demo
  • swimming events
  • parents watch 'PT display' 36:00
  • Garden Party 37:17
  • musical interlude 38:25
  • parents' cricket match 39:10
  • Monday Athletics 40:26
  • cup giving 44:00

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