King's School Memorial

As Sherborne House is now in private ownership, it was decided to approach the Church adjacent to the property about having some sort of memorial. Our representations to the eclesiastical authorities have been welcomed; especially since there was something in it for the local church - they had 2 new oak kneelers - for allowing us to have 2 small plaques commemorating the boys and the staff of King's School. This was the letter that started it all.

Sunday 25th April 2004
                                                                                                |Chris King's
                        |Conrad Roe's

There was a Morning Service and Dedication of King's School Memorial at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Sherborne Park, Gloucestershire conducted by Rev. Michael Selwood, B.A. This was attended by about 20 of the people who contributed to the memorial. A Service booklet was prepared for the ocassion and the service was marked by 2 trumpet solos. After the service those attending were able to examine the alar rail extensions and to confirm that there were plaques set into the top of each rail commemorating the boys and teachers of King's School. The three hymns were sung in good voice - all the boy's voices having broken long since!

Some people who had not previously seen inside Sherborne House as it is now were afforded a short guided tour of the building.

Afterwards we made our way down the lane past the post office to the Reading Room at the end of Sherborne Village. We enjoyed a pleasant lunchtime and early afternoon exchanging anecdotes of our days at the school. our appetites satiated by the food and the wine. It was a gloriously sunny day with a clear blue sky - the stuff that memories are made of.

Speeches were made by Alwyn Hawkes, Roger Davis and Roger Emmett.

For those who have not yet had an opportunity to see the altar rail extensions I am leaving this sketch. However please note that the actual plaques have been placed on the top of each of the rails in full view of anyone kneeling at them

Whilst others were involved in the organisation of the day and of the project, it may never have happened but for the industry of Alwyn Hawkes.

Prior to the above we each received an invitation for the Service & Dedication - I just thought that those who did not go may like to see one. I caught my breath when I first saw it!

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