Tim Hayter 1956-58

Here are a list of Tim's memories - perhaps he or someone else can fill a few out a bit?

1. Listening to classical music in front of the big open fire in The Great Hall.

2. We had to cut short our home leave to get back in time in the evening which was a bit of a bind!

3. One of the maintenance men who made aeroplanes out of coins and into brooches.

4. Israfil being caned in front of the whole school for smoking. I've never smoked since!

5. Listening to Pat Boone singing A white sports coat and a pink carnation under the big tree in front of the school.

6. Singing traditional songs in The Great Hall with Mrs Mosey on the piano.

7. Keeping a jar of Branson Pickle in my tuck box and eating it neat with a spoon.

8. Alternate weeks - big butter portion small margarine under a muslin which got grottier as the week went on.

9. Oil paintings of the Dutton ancestors staring down in The Dining Room and Mr Mosey getting instant silence with a single TING from the top table.

10. Having midnight feasts illicitly. I shared a dorm with Langham whose father kept a greengrocers and we would sit up in bed eating cucumbers and tomatoes.

11. Worrying that there would be a petrol shortage and rationing because of the Suez crisis which could have affected home leave.

12. Filling ink pots with hot water to act as hotwaterbottles in the winter especially when all the heating was turned off because somebody had allegedly left an outside door open.

13. Being caned more than once by Blobbo for talking after lights out. Never been quite sure if he enjoyed it!!

14. Breaking my finger sledging and than having to help build the skating rink which gave me blood poisoning. Finger never been right since.

15. Writing out The Ancient Mariner time after time as a punishment.

16. Having failed the Eleven Plus getting into the top streams of a Grammar School at 13 after 2 years at Kings. Well done Mr Mosey et al!

17. Do you recall having to be kitted out by Daniel Neals in Cheltenham with two suits, a coarse one for weekdays and a smooth grey number for Sunday church; church was presided over by a very short vicar who drove a big car such that he peered through the steering wheel?

18. I remember fooling around on the snooker table (you had to pass a test to qualify to use it) only to be caught by Mr Mosey. I had to wait outside his office whilst the school passed by to the Dining room, gloating it seemed to me at my impending fate. Three across both hands left a strangely pleasant tingling feeling once the initial pain subsided.

19. Every classroom had a big brother type intercom system I remember. Therefore you had to watchout even if the teacher wasn't in the room. I bet the teachers didn't like being spied on either.

20. I still have my copy of ‘ The Grass of Parnassus‘. Mr M instilled in me a love of poetry for which I am most grateful. "Art thou poor yet hast thou golden slumbers? O sweet content! Art thou rich yet is thy mind perplexed? O punishment!" was one of his favorites you may recall?

21. One of the highlights of the day was waiting at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the prefect to distribute the letters from home. What a disappointment when you didn't get one! Back to your locker to cross off another day nearer to when you could go home!

22. The teachers I remember were Mr Henbest, Mr Mackie, Mr Lewis, Mr Chadwick and a teacher of French with a passion for traction engines such that you could red herring him and avoid doing any French whatsoever.

23. To end on a positive note I recall good friends, Sumner, Thorpe, Prestage, Wilcox, Langham and the Westerways. Where are they now!

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