Roger Allen 1952-54

"I remember...
One or two teachers. Mr Burnell-Jones who I think must have left a much grander school under suspicious circumstances to join us at Kings.

One we called 'Taxi' because his initials were C.A.B. [Can anyone remember what these initials stood for?]

And lastly, one who's name I can't remember, but he taught French, and was terrified of the Headmaster (who wasn't.) He was also a religious 'nut'. I was,during lessons, sent up to his room to collect something, to find that his room was barer than a monks chamber. Nothing personal at all....a bare room and a Bible that was it!

Henry Forti, because we slept in adjacent beds for a couple of years,and spent many a sleepless hour talking about girls. It was he who drew my, then untutored mind, to the wonder of girls legs, a subject which I still follow eagerly to this day.

I can own up now. It was me who set fire to the trees in the drive, and the cause of the Fire Brigade being called out to quell the blaze on the first day of some term.

I did play hockey for the school and ran in the cross country team. If I recall, we won a lot of home c/c runs as they started from in front of the school through the gates and up the hill to the top playing fields, this had the effect of completely knackering the opposing team, whereas we were used to it.

I not only found my way up inside the church steeple but also inside the roof spaces of the stable block and on to the roof of the school as well. There were also some very creepy cellars under the school. Suprising that I didn't turn to a life of crime afterwards!!

I did break my leg at the school. Fell off a log in the woods and had to be carried down on a stretcher to the ambulance. Off to hospital to have it plastered up, followed by a spell in the sick bay, and then on crutches.

I remember that on bath nights the baths had a short black line marked on them. This was the maximum 'fill' line.....couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 inches at most! Could be why I now like my bath water up to my chin, and very hot!

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