Mr "Roy" Dennis, Maths Teacher, 1957-59
Written by his son Rog

Stable Block and Environs

Under our flat was a huge laundry room. Ladies from the village did KS laundry, which went out into the drying yard on S side of the Stable Block. The clothes lines appear in one of your site’s photos. What staggered me was the ironing! Pot-bellied stoves had racks of smoothing irons placed around them. When an iron cooled, it was replaced & a new hot iron take its place. In 1957!!

We had the upstairs SW corner of the Stable Block - a vast place compared to the two up/two down cottage in the West Riding. Lord Sherborne’s chauffeur, Bill Hall, his wife & son Brian Hall occupied the opposite corner, the NE. Across the landing from our flat was a large room with the Model Railway Club.

Mr. Wynn kept his Wolseley (4/50 type?) in the archway garage on West side. The SE upstairs was empty, as I recall, possibly NW upper floor too. Downstairs, West wing was the Woodwork Shop, where Dad pulled a .303 bullet, so it could be emptied and made safe. By training, Dad was a Handicrafts teacher, despite being brilliant at Maths. As to whether he taught Woodwork at KS, I don’t know, but perhaps somebody remembers? I still have the bullet and cartridge case!

On the opposite side of the South Arch upstairs, was the remnants of Lord Sherborne’s Gun Room. Bill Hall showed me some fascinating 19th C pistols, including a “Pepper Box” There was even one of those evil Punt Guns in there.

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BTW, Funny/poignant story. The copse alongside the road to the lodge, where Dick O’D lived. It was full of daffodils. I picked a large bunch for Mum, who was horrified at my vandalism. [I woner if JHM still sold them in his Cheltenham shop? Ed.]

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