Robin Penrice 1954 - 59

I remember Colin Merrett (tragically deceased some years ago from cancer) Warwick Bailey who hailed from Guildford and told wonderful stories about punting Jimmy Rowe, Keith Lewis (with whom I still have contact) both Moss’s, Brian was from Lytham the other one (also a Brian I think) from Nottingham, Howard Sutton, The Solanki’s, Ari Virkunnen, used to sit by the window with him in V-B whilst he had a cigarette in class with the window open and in his left hand - his N/S was shielded by the pillar!! Ari was also the fearless goal keeper in the Hockey team, Clive(?) Dawkins from Bourton, Anthony Hanks, John Allan, Peter Lishman an impossibly fast but totally inaccurate fast bowler from Argentina, David Mossman, John Spitz, Ole Peterson (The Danish Bloke who was football mad and ended up team manager for the Danish national team) Bustamante, Wilcox, Geoff Blake and his cousin John Revers, John Haymes who became a well known photographer in the Channel Islands and many many more.

Nobody has mentioned Mr Chadwick the totally frightening teacher who stood in until a replacement could be found for Mosey who was off on another world tour, Mr. Guildford was the eventual choice. Who also remembers Mr. Wynn nicknamed “Silas” and then “Silage” and his two gorgeous daughers and a very beautiful wife. How about Nurse Darling? Who remembers the female English Teacher who had with obviously dyed ginger hair and impossibly “high” high heels, she only lasted a term as she could not control us. How about the PE Man Mr. Fair nicknamed “Goofy” for some reason, he had a lovely MG TC and was the only person who caned me and a couple of others for talking after lights out.

Climbing out of 54 window at night in the summer and cycling to the Top Road Café for eggs and chip’s anybody? Mosey’s Standard Vanguard and Mr. Thomas’s (my favourite teacher) beautiful Lagonda drophead with the very tatty canvas roof? Hand pumping the organ in the church until they fitted an electric bellows? Painting the bloody swimming pool every year and the year that we changed the filtration sand in the filter house? The old David Brown tractor that we used for maintenance? Can’t remember his name but he blew a tree up up the valley towards top pitch and the fire brigade had to come out but couldn’t get there in any case!! The caves in the quarry up at top pitch, the bloody battery hens and how we dispatched those past their sell by date?

One of my final acts being helping to build the ice-rink. I’m even on the video.

Ah memories!!!!!

Editor's comments:
Sadly Robin Penrice died on 27 June 2007 aged 65.

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