Richard Benson 1952-57

Cutting daffodils on the right hand side of the drive into school for sale in the Cheltenham shop.

Teachers Peter Thomas, Frank Winn. Brian Sims, French being my worst subject. I would tell him I did not like French and would never go to france and guess what my first holiday after leaving school was a touring holiday in France. Mr Chadwick a great teacher. Nurse Boughton from Walingford.

I had crystal set and used to listen to radio Luxembourg while in dormitory 54. the worst in the school, one winter a glass of water, froze it was placed in the centre of the room. it was a cold place.

Pillow fights on the top floor, getting caught and it was the cane. Oh how things in schools have changed. Health and safety's gone mad.

I remember getting the cane for setting fire to a tree with home made fireworks, Mr Winn burnt his suit because he got too close - I was very lucky JHM was away on one of his holidays.

Can you recall music in the Great Hall on Sundays? Enought to put one off music for life.

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