Nick Broome 1965-67

My Dorm was 101 and I remember Dancer, Hand, Summerfield and Reynolds. A prefect by the name of Andy Nicholls joined my family on Holiday in our Devon holiday home. In my final year I was secretary of the Photographic Club and got caned by Mosey for not balancing the books 100%. Along with Nichols and 2 other members we developed a tricky 13 bath colour processing system. (Several years later I developed a continuous processing system for a plant in North London).

I remember Mosey’s “concerts” on his gramophone. Mosey using his turn-ups as an ashtray, long cross country runs in the depth of winter, Judo with Mr Izzard, being interviewed by the Police of the troubles etc. I’m sure more will come to mind in time. I didn’t know I was actually leaving KS until the holidays so it was a shame not to say bye to any of my friends.

As a side issue, I did put an offer in to Lord Sherborne for the building and stables but had to withdraw it because of the changes subsequently required by my backers to a listed building were denied and that made the project less profitable but that’s another story.

To be continued.

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