Martin Fewings 1960 - 64

"I do recall an anecdote from my time at King's. At that particular time the whole school was on punishment for some reason or other, I can't remember now, but on this particular occasion we were all getting up in the morning when Mr Mosey walked into the dormitory and caught me standing on the bed to which he said 'Come here, Fewings. Do you stand on beds at home?'

To which my reply was 'Oh, yes, sir, on occasions.'

His reaction was, as you might guess, swift and decisive. I landed up on the floor after having been hit across the nose by Mr Mosey's hand. After the breakfast I was forced to stand in front of the whole school at assembly that day and he said I had been a very naughty boy. As I did a lot of work in the grounds I think Mr Mosey had a certain amount of guilt because soon after the assembly was all over I received personally from Mr Mosey an apology for being a little too heavy handed."

"Another anecdote I recall was when an American boy whose *name I can't remember now, went to the supper table which used to be outside the dining room and usually contained bread and a spread and this American boy saw what he thought was chocolate spread, in actual fact, it was Marmite. He, being rather greedy, stuck this Marmite spread on the bread very thickly. Unfortunately for him, the Master who was on duty that night, saw what was happening and forced the boy to eat the Marmite, albeit that it was about an inch thick. I think it cured him of being greedy!"

* Clifford Jones(II) thinks this might be Kippy Redda

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