John Coville 1952-57

You probably note, very little from me - however - upon this subject of food (always close to my heart.) In those days of endemic and pernicious malnutrition I found a tube of Colemans HOT English Mustard could make the most inedible of substances actually seem quite gourmet and one would surreptitiously slide this out from under one's grubby sweater, squirt a dollop on whatever food was on offer that day and it immediately turned into Rogan Josh. The ensuing tears from ones eyes would bring on maternal feelings in Nurse, the one with delicious hairy legs(?) In view of unscheduled inspections, I had made a false bottom in my army surplus .50 calibre machine gun ammo box that masqueraded as a tuck box of monster proportions, explained away as being cheap due to the austerity and cutbacks (nothing changes does it !) End of reminiscences.

" extensive diary that I kept throughout most of 1957. This is mostly libellous, insulting and entirely scurrillous; detrimental to the history of the school - as you would expect, coming from me. Fortunately most of the targets are now dead although there are some negative comments about many of us co-conspirators - BUT, I was only 15 so under the legal age for being sued to slander."

Nurse Goyma : " A silky slimy thing, not fit for anything" (who was Nurse Goyma ???)

A page from my Diary - February 18th & 19th 1957. More to follow...


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