Jimmy Younessi 1957-63

My friend J. H. Mosey

"A friend in need is a friend indeed."

My parents sent me to King's in September of 1957, when I was just barely over 12 years old. My English was limited and home sickness was natural.

The years passed until the first weeks of summer term 1961. Suddenly my life was shattered. In my hand was a letter from my Dad, that he was bankrupted, and unable to bear, any more my expenses at King's School. I immediately went to J. H. Mosey and told him what had happened. He was aware of the situation, since he had already received a similar letter from my Dad.

I asked "JH" when will he arrange for me to go back home. He simply said that I should not worry about the financial side of the matters, and if I really wanted to carry on with my studies he will support me. He immediately transferred me to a higher class, and the year after in summer of '62, I passed 6 " O "levels - during all this time, "JH" was not receiving a penny for my expenses, from any source, and on top of that was even paying for my lodging and pocket money, during the Xmas, Easter and Summer holidays !! - I immediately wrote to "JH" that I had passed 6 "O" levels, and would he continue to have me back at school, so that I could pursue my "A" levels. The answer was yes!!

Accordingly I attended King's from September of '62 until mid summer term of '63, when I was offered a job, as a trainee in England for a transfer job to Iran. After I left King's, I was in touch with "JH" until summer of '64, when I went back home.

In summer of '66,”JH" came to Iran, at which time I met his new wife, and their newly born daughter. He was very very happy with the new wife, and being a dad. After this date, I completely lost touch with "JH" until January of 1970, when I came to England for a visit. I located Peter Thomas, hoping he might lead me to him, but in vain. My efforts were fruitless, and the time was for me the beginning of building my fortunes, and time was of the essence.

It might be hard to believe, but "JH", never ever, raised a question about the school bills. He never ever, tried even to recoup a penny of my labour. For example, during the summer holidays, I stayed for over a month, with "Cybil" and his family - remember his daughter Jean!! - Who were taking care of "JH's" chicken farm. I was paid in full the minimum job rate without a question. During the 6 terms, which I stayed for free at kings, I was never ever asked to volunteer or ordered to do a job. ("Cybil" was the name of the guy, who was working for “JH” on the school grounds, in a small cottage, dedicated to him and his wife, his son Brian and his daughter called Jean.) I was treated as any other boy at school.

If it was not for the sacrifice that "JH" made, I am sure I would have never succeeded in life, on the level that I am today. Yes, he was a hard man, but you have to judge the man as a whole, and not by piece meal!!

He was a very shrewd and smart man. He believed in discipline, and I for one owe everything I have today, to that principal of discipline which was forged at King's. "JH" was a charitable man, not only in my case, but several other students at King's, who were treated the same as me. A man, who is benevolent at heart, can not be a bad man.

I am so sorry that I was unable to pay my debt to "JH", but I will try to follow his path. I also hope that a few more students, who know the truth, will follow my contention regarding "JH", with their own testimonies.

May he rest in peace.

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I remember Mr. Chadwick like yesertday. He was a fat jolly fellow. In Sept 57, when I first attended school he was our history master. He talked about vikings and we drew viking ships for home work. Later he left and became president of old boys club. He was very chummy with Mr. Mosey. If I remember correctly he was supposed to have been a scientist of some stature. Perhaps other boys can verify this.

We had our hair cut done by at least 3 fellows, who used to come from Cheltenham. they were all from same outfit and had their own barber shop. I was very friendly with one of them, and even during a summer break, en route to holidays, while stopping in Cheltenham, I visited their shop, and had a free hair cut on their visits to the school!! I always managed to get a few fags from them. The school haircut was conducted in the shower room, and even a few of the masters used the service!!

Does any body remember a boy named Perry? I first met him in Sept 57, when he was my designated tour guide and mentor. The first thing he did was to take me for a smoke!! He was a boy to be feared, and was even respected and feared by the seniors. He was a 'teddy boy' in every sense. In my first term, I was bullied by a boy named Martin, who gave me a black eye, and Perry kicked the sh*t out of him. In Spring of '58, we were both in class 4b. The attending prefect asked Perry to keep the boys quiet, while he went on an errand. A boy named Castle, made some noise, and Perry, using brass knuckles, broke his teeth! That was the last straw and he was expelled!

Unfortunately, a few terms later, Castle, was killed in a bicycle accident, while taking his holidays at home. It was a sad affair.

Incidentaly, Perry was Welsh. I was told that he is now a big shot in scrap metal business. Is there any body out there who knows him, and has a phone, address, or anyhing for him?

Djamshid "Jimmy" Younessi

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