Fred Thomas 196?-67

On The Demise of King's School:
I was there to the bitter end, almost. A few boys stayed till the end of the term, but I was part of the group whose parents were persuaded, by JS Lee, to send us to Crookham Court.

I always thought that the fall began with a really strange play. One of the seniors ("Noddy" I think he was called) was hidden and an air of sinister mystery was cultivated. This went on for several days and was done very well, too well. Boys broke grounds to call home and worried parents called the school. I don't remember whether it was Friday or Saturday when we were all ordered to assemble in the Great Hall. It was then revealed to be a charade and a mock trial then took place. Its hard to explain, but I always felt that this planted the seeds of anarchy in the school.

To be continued.

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