Fahim Ahmad I 1963-66

1) One of the teachers, before I left for vacations abroad to visit my parents, asked me to bring a carton of duty free cigarettes back for him - which I agreed to. I bought a carton, but on arrival back to the UK the Customs Officer sternly advised me that as a 14 year old I was not entitled to duty free cigarettes! I was quite perturbed as I could not fulfill my promise to the teacher, whom I do not recollect now. I explained the situation to him and that they were not for my use. The Customs Officer was a kindly person and said he would not confiscate the cigarettes, but keep them in custody. I could collect them when I next exit the UK and he gave me a receipt. I was cynical, but to my surprise when I did exit the UK 90 days later after term ended, they were returned to me. The teacher was quite understanding and admitted he should have known better and not to worry.

2) I was a member of the school cricket team, which went to play a match in Bristol. On the way the bus stopped at a shop in some town midway so we could buy some refreshments. I wanted Coca Cola which was not available at the shop. So I decided to look for a shop where I could find a can. Needless to say I got hopelessly lost in a strange town and could not find my way back to the bus. I eventually did, but I was then known in school as the boy who gets drunk on Coca Cola! It was tough to live this down.

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