David Burrough 1957-59

Life at King's School started in 4C, the stable block, opposite the clock mechanism. Some of the others, I remember are: Langham, ( farmers' son, I think), Viner, ( farmers' son), Roger Emmett ( Farmers' son & still in touch), Knights ( 1&2 farmers' sons, one of whom was always designing cars), Trevor (from Iran), Alcott, Sumner, Richard, Ruddell, Rutherford, Parry, Prestige, Muhammad, Mawle, Linquist, Sweet, Brown (family in timber Stroud way), Shepherd, Martin (left Kings for Burford Grammar), Castle, Younessi, Church, Whittle, Mitchell.

My memories of school days are:
1. Edwards (I think) flying a control line aeroplane round & round front field as the rest of us queued for tea.
2. Rutherford coming off his sledge in the snow & badly hurting his nose (he had three other boys on top of him at the time.)
3. Edwards, Blake & sometimes Penrose, charging around on the David Brown tractor, mowing front field & top pitch (I personally restored two David Browns in the late 60's/early 70's.) I was also a farmer's son & later farmed in my own right.
4. Having my mouth washed out with soap, by Mr Chadwick, for swearing when I got my toe caught under a tap in the wash room.
5.having to pay 15 to repair one of the legs on my bed after one of the masters caught me jumping on it (the whole dorm had also jumped on it as well!!)
6.Andrew Dawkes & I fiddled exeats together so as to get home every other week (later stopped after I had left.)
7. The French teacher drove a Landrover (in 1958) & he later married the nurse whose name was McCloud, I think.
8. Building my first bike out of parts I found kicking about in the cycle shed; riding the bike home (I live near Bourton-on-the-Water) & putting the bike in the back of Dad's Landrover & being driven back to the school main gate where I remounted the bike & panted back to the bike shedpanted 9. It was during my time there that Mr Mosey laid the foundations (at least the boys did!) for the proposed outdoor skating rink on lands beyond the swimming pool. I don't think it was ever a great success.

Things I remember:
Tuckboxes, early transistor radios, Parker 51 & 61 pens (& copies of them), Playing snooker (I still have my cue), Rollerskating indoors, hearing news of the first landing on the moon, playing cricket at Kingham Hill School which is still going strong, & our Sports teacher playing Rugby for Stow Rugby Club.

David Burrough - Eddington Ross House

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