Chris Marx 1947 - 50

The way boys arrived at school:
The first time, I flew with a Swissair DC-3 from Dübendorf (at the time the Zurich airport) to Northolt (at the time the London International airport on the A4). JHM had specially come down with his prewar Daimler to meet me. After arrival we had a belated lunch which, coming straight from well-to-do Switzerland, appeared to me of such miserable quality that I developed grave doubts about wanting to remain at KS -- but after a fortnight I had already completely changed my mind, even though the food consistently remained the same each day (Sundays there was some meat added).

In a year or 2 the planes changed to a DC-4, & from Northolt I had to go to Paddington. The trains still had wonderful steam engines, & I think in Cheltenham one had to change for Bourton-on-the Water, where the School Bus was waiting. Instead of flying several times I also used the over-night train Basel-Calais, from there the ferry to Dover & then the train to Victoria.

I don't remember other boys -- some of whom came from far away places -- at the time having told us much about their travel adventures, but maybe some of them remember?

"I entered - I think - immediately after its opening at Sherborne 1947, when the sanitary installations and the central heating were still being installed (JHM had a prewar Daimler) until 1949/50. Some years later my brother Dieter was also there for a year or so. Because my father had given me his old 16mm Kodak camera I took a number of films (even in colour), eg of making the swimming pool. As is documented in the KS Magazine 1949, the filming provided me with the excuse for staying away from sports. But looking back I always felt to have visited the best school I ever attended because studies were more or less a byproduct of the practical work we were employed in. Thus JHM's methods gave (at least to me) the authoritative impulse in making life lively & interesting."

I am reminded of the airfield of Great Risington, where hundreds of Liberator bombers were deposited from which we used to take instruments (I had a wonderful big compass from there), I also saw a Messerschmidt Me 262, the 2 "Turbo"-engined jet fighter. Fortunately all weaponry had been removed from the WWII planes, or I'm sure JHM would have had to put up with a machine gun or cannon (guarding his grocery farm), even have stumbled on the idea of excavating the swimming pool at a single go with a bomb - what better school could anyone have chosen at that time? Once we also went to the "Battle of Britain" airshow, where there were flybies of the Meteor fighter demonstrating supersonic flight with a loud bang.

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