Brian Bolton 1954-60

The 10 mile radius was still in force when I left at the end of the summer term 1960.

However, there was a summer term exemption for senior boys who could go out for the whole of Sunday and travel up to a 15 mile radius.

Then there was the horse box that used to pick up a few friends of JPC – sometimes as near as round the corner on the way to the village – and whisk us away to the to comfort of JPC’s parents’ farm and whatever treat his father cared to provide, and he was very generous. I cannot remember going to Cheltenham, but we went to the cinema in Chipping Norton amongst other places. Bikes went in the back of the horse box and I suspect that we rode them less than a couple of hundred yards on those trips. JPC’s father’s groom used to drive the horse box.

I have been wracking my brain as to how we got the bikes back to school especially on the occasion that we came back in an XK 120 or 140, have forgotten which, at very high speed to make the curfew – just the other side of Burford to school in about 10 minutes on the A40. I still remember that ride as one of the most exciting of my life, and the speeds were completely legal in those days!

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